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Licenses & Permits

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Active Agent in Engineering

  • Water and sewage
  • Water resources development
  • Roads and airports
  • Civil structure
  • Soil and foundation
  • Urban planning
  • Landscaping
  • Traffic
  • Survey and geospatial information
  • Fluid machinery
  • Transmission and distribution
  • Industrial instrumentation control
  • Architectural structure
  • Building electrical equipment
  • Water quality management
  • Air management
  • Noise and vibration
  • Waste treatment
  • Agriculture and fisheries civil engineering

Professional Construction Technology Service Business

Registered Business Category Registration & Certification Agency Registration & Certification Number
Construction technology service business (general) South Gyeongsang Province Gyeongnam-2-223
Engineering business operator KENCA E-09-00084
Overseas construction Ministry of Construction and Transport No. 284
Public surveying Changwon City No. 02-03-10063
Power facility design South Gyeongsang Province Gyeonggi Anyang-1-32 
Power facility supervision South Gyeongsang Province Gyeonggi Anyang-2-33
General firefighting facility design (electrical, mechanical) Changwon City 2019-01-00056
Corporate research center KOITA No. 971153
Quality system certification Korea Foundation for Quality (KFQ) Ac-02015
Disaster prevention and safety measures establishment agency Korea Disaster Prevention Association (KDPA) No. 053
Software business  Korea Software Industry Association B22-236663-001
Waterworks network agency (inspection and maintenance of waterworks network) Nakdong River Basin Environmental Office No. 3-4
Waterworks network agency (inspection and maintenance of waterworks network) Nakdong River Basin Environmental Office No. 2-13
Ultralight aircraft Korea Transportation Safety Authority C1CM0013651
Groundwater impact investigation agency Changwon City Changwon 2020-2
Safety diagnosis institution (bridges and tunnels, repair facilities, construction) South Gyeongsang Province Gyeongnam 81
Technical diagnosis institution (sewage pipeline) Han River Basin Environmental Office No. 50
Confirmation of participation in work-life balance campaign Changwon Branch, Busan Regional Employment & Labor Office No.2022-26-002
Venture company confirmation Venture company confirmation agency No. 20220119030156