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Department Description

In supplying clean water, a valuable resource in human life, to consumers, HEC is a leader in the domestic water industry engineering that is expanding its business to include not only the existing waterworks business but also the water treatment sector such as sewage and wastewater based on the water field technology accumulated over 30 years.
From water supply facilities such as water intake, purification, raw water transmission, water supply, and drainage for stable and clean water supply, which are our strengths, to sewage treatment facilities such as sewage treatment plants and sewage pipelines, which are pollution purification facilities, and the sewage related facilities like disaster prevention facilities such as rainwater pumping stations to prevent urban flooding, HEC is carrying out work in the entire water and sewage engineering industry at home and abroad. By introducing the core technologies of the advanced water purification process, such as pump diffusion mixing, high rate filtration, filter bed monitoring, and the optimal management system for filtered water quality, for the first time in South Korea, HEC contributed to raising the domestic water purification plant design technology to the next level.
HEC has successfully carried out design and construction supervision of major domestic water and sewage systems such as 'Seoul Gangbuk Water Purification Plant and Southwest Sewage Treatment Plant', 'Bucheon City Kachiul Water Purification Plant', and 'Aged Water Supply Modernization Project', now recognized both internally and externally for its unrivaled technological prowess in water supply and sewage. Based on this, the company is achieving high performance not only in Asia, such as the Karian water supply project in Indonesia and the Dhaka water and sewage project in Bangladesh, but also in Africa, the Middle East, Central and South America, and all over the world.

Business Operations

Water Supply

  • Water intake, raw water transmission, water supply and drainage, and water purification plant design
  • Basic plan for water supply maintenance
  • Water supply facility technical diagnosis
  • Design of industrial water treatment and supply facilities
  • Establishment and design of alternative water resource development plans
  • Water supply facility turnkey and private project design


  • Design of public sewage treatment facilities, sewage pipelines, water reuse facilities, etc.
  • Master plan for sewage maintenance
  • Sewage facility technical diagnosis
  • Sewage facility turnkey and private project design

Business Goals