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Department Description

The department provides a sustainable water resource environment where nature and humans coexist by providing water/environmental and disaster prevention solutions using accumulated technology for developing rivers, dams and various water resources and various disaster prevention technologies due to climate change.

Business Operations

Water Resources Development, Rivers and Others

  • Preparation of river maintenance basic plan and river ledger
  • Basic and detailed design of river maintenance project
  • River basin water resource management plan
  • Groundwater management plan (investigation and monitoring)
  • Ecological river restoration project
  • Private investment, proposal business, and water resource overseas business

DisasterPrevention and Dams

  • Establishment of comprehensive plan for natural disaster reduction and small river maintenance and river water use plan
  • Measures to reduce rainwater runoff (pumping stations and reservoirs)
  • Establishment of emergency response plan (EAP)
  • Hydropower feasibility study